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Bamro Property Management is one of the most respected and trusted property management companies in Bansko.  Our reputation has been achieved by aligning our growth with our confidence to maintain our service levels.

Natasha Bamford & Douglas Ross the proprieters of Bamro have lived in Bansko for 6 years and consider it as their home.

Our offices are located in Bansko and we are open 365 days of the year. Please come and see us when you are next in Bansko.

“Bamro Services OOD and Bamro Management OOD are responsible for the servicing of the apartments in Bansko.  Please note these companies are not responsible for the rental of the apartments.  The rental is provided directly by the owners and the owners are fully responsible for managing the rental of their property. The owners of the property are also fully responsible for the payment of all taxes and other obligations / declarations to the Bulgarian authorities”.