Skiing Bansko Bulgaria. The Jewel of the Balkans

Skiing in Bansko Bulgaria

Skiing Bansko Bulgaria

Europe is full of views that delight vacationers and tourists alike and none is more beautiful than Bansko, Bulgaria. Bulgaria on the whole is both beautiful and attractive and is also rich in culture and heritage. A great     part of that culture is to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds them. And for a variety of people, that means skiing. Skiing in Bansko, Bulgaria is a superb way to enjoy Bulgaria’s top ski resort P1020480area.

Why is skiing in Bansko, Bulgaria so exclusive? Well, for starters, it features a brand new ski resort area. The structures are new and designed to allow the maximum ease and comfort of the guests. The ski season also lasts for a while, up until May, and the area is endowed with a good amount of snow to make the region suitable for skiers.
Normally, skiing in Bansko, Bulgaria is fantastic for beginners, medium level skiers, and even professionals. Snowboarders also enjoy the mountain. Are Are you considering skiing in Bulgaria? Here are a few tips on booking and enjoying your ski vacation in Bansko.

BanskoPistesMapWhen will you go? If you have ultimate flexibility, the best time to go skiing in Bansko, Bulgaria is after it snows. This will offer the ideal snow conditions feasible for your ski vacation. Other than that, the height of the ski season usually operates from December until May so you can choose whichever days are suitable for your vacation. You can easily tie this in with a Christmas vacation, or for New Year’s.

Where will you stay? There are several options in terms of lodging during your ski vacation in Bansko. Your very first choice is to rent a vacation apartment. These are perfect, most especially when you have a lot of people or plan to stay for a more extended period of time. In addition, there are hotels and you can stay in quaint, family run hotels or more expensive hotels. Remember the fact that you may want to make sure that the hotel price includes breakfast. This can save you money over time.

When you get there. . .

When you arrive for your skiing in Bansko , Bulgaria you may want to consider that it is probably better if you book your hotel in advance . This is an upcoming ski resort that has grown popular over the years . It is skibansko7
important to keep in mind this in mind, especially  if you are traveling on a weekend or during a popular holiday time .
There are also other activities to do apart from skiing . Walk around the streets of Bansko and take pleasure in the atmosphere . This is the best way to get familiar with the Bulgarian culture . Experience the food and the people and watch how the mountains have shaped their culture .

Bansko makes for an exciting vacation. The best periods to go are from December to May and if you have flexibility, try to go after a snow storm. The ski resort area is pretty new and offers pleasant facilities. Many believe that Bansko has the best ski resort area in Bulgaria. So if skiing is your interest, skiing in Bansko will never let you down.


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