Your Local Taxes in Bansko

Bamro - Local Taxes in Bansko

Why it is important to pay your Local Taxes / Council Taxes on your Bulgarian Property


Recently we have taken on a few new customers/ apartment owners and have found that although they had thought their local taxes had been paid, they actually had not been and this had been the case for a few years.

It is important that owners are aware of these obligations and the downside of not paying them.

Local taxes are the UK Council Tax equivalent and are due for payment March time every year.  These taxes are due from either:

  1. The date you purchased your property
  2. Or the date of Act 16, whichever is the latter

For most apartments in Bansko these taxes are small, ranging from 30 BGN to 160 BGN per year depending on the price paid for the property and its size.  Unless you have categorised your apartment for rentals then the taxes can be as much as 8 times this.

If there is more than one owner on the Title Deed, this tax is split between the owners and it is payable against your Bulstat Numbers.

It is easy to pay this tax at the municipality front office and the fines for late payment are small but mount up if left for a few years. You just need to take in your bulstat numbers and they will advise you of your outstanding bill.

For non-payers the municipality are chasing debts coming up to 5 years old through the legal system and bailiffs are being engaged. This could lead to the sale of your property to repay your debt. If you do not directly receive your mail that is sent to your apartment, then you may not even know this is happening.

If you are uncertain if your taxes have been paid or if you just want to check that these have been paid up to date, we can make a FREE check on your behalf.  Just send us an email to and we will be happy to assist.(Just recently the Town Hall have changed their system and we cannot gain access to this site as the GDPR restrictions have prevented access. We are working on ways around this)