Arrivals & Exit




Apartment Preparation where no key hand-over is required

We will make sure your apartment is opened by turning on the electricity, heating, water, fridge etc when you, your friends and guests visit your apartment. We will also close the apartment upon departure to minimize your utility bills and to ensure the windows are closed and the apartment is secure.  The costs for this services is as follows:

Opening and closing of apartment – £ 12.50 +VAT

Apartment preparation where a key hand-over is required 

We will keep your keys and hand them over to your named visitors.

Out-side of office hours and where we can use the on-site reception we will be happy to leave the keys with the reception team to keep your costs to a minimum unless you specifically request otherwise.

Arrival and / or exit during office hours 8:00am to 6:00pm – £ 17.50 + VAT

Arrival and /or exit outside of office but before midnight 6:00pm to 12:00am – £ 27.50 + VAT

Arrival and /or exit outside of office but after midnight 12:00am to 8:00am – £ 40 + VAT

(If we can utilise the reception of the complex or deposit a key in a safe fitted to the entrance door, then we will hold the charge to – £ 17.50 + VAT)

Late notice of arrivals outside of standard office hours or no arrivals form received a charge of £ 40 + VAT will be levied to cover the extra costs and inconveniences caused.

 Properties outside of Bansko

For chalets and apartments outside of Bansko Town we will add an additional £10 +VAT to all arrival and exit services.

Public & Bank Holidays etc:

All arrivals or exits on Christmas Eve 24th December after midday, Christmas day 25th December, Boxing day 26th December before 12:00 midday, New Years eve after midday or New Years Day, Easter Friday, Sunday and Monday will be charged as “Out of hours 12:00am to 8:00am” – £ 40 + VAT. This is to cover our extra cost.

Please note that Bamro Services OOD do not offer accommodation for rent.