Bill Payment

  • Electricity bills need to be paid monthly to avoid reconnection charges.
  • Water seems to be a minimal bill and needs to be paid twice a year
  • Local community taxes need to be paid annually and are due each Spring.


We are happy to pay any bills on your behalf. We will need your permission and the appropriate account numbers. although we will be able to obtain the account numbers from the authorities if needs be. We will then check each month with the utility companies to see if you have any account due for your apartment.

Please note that we will only charge when there is a payment to be made.

Max £10.00 per payment of monthly utility bills.  Generally this charge is heavily discounted as the monthly bills from the utility companies are minimal. If the utility fees are larger than the standard we will include extra costs for us bring in the monies across to Bulgaria to pay your bills and for the Forex risks we take in doing this. This generally comes to £20 for any bill above 200BGN / £90

Disconnected accounts. If we need to organise to have your account reconnected after the utility company have disconnected you, then we will charge £40.00 +VAT which includes the reconnection fee from the utility company.

Community Tax – If you are visiting Bansko in the spring then it is quite easy to reduce your costs by paying these taxes yourselves or if you require us to make the payment on your behalf our charge is £20.00 for payment of the community tax + VAT.

Meter readings
During the year in may be necessary to confirm your meter readings for the utility companies or complex management teams.

£10.00 per visit +VAT