It is possible to pay your own electricity bills online through, even as an owner based outside of Bulgaria. We have put together a guide to set up your own ePay account for owners wishing to pay their own electricity bills.

Paying electricity bills through

Bamro - Winter Tyres
Bulgaria: Winter tyres not compulsory, but recommended Written by Imanuel Marcus on October 19, 2017 in Bulgaria –  Whatever. The right moment to change tyres again is coming closer and closer. Ideally, we should be using winter tyres from mid-November the latest. These are the facts about winter tyres in Bulgaria: > The law […]

Bulgaria: Winter tyres not compulsory.

Bansko bear sanctuary.
A Look Inside The Belitsa Sanctuary Bulgaria’s Refuge for Ex Dancing Bears Lauren Kearney  Until 1993, when Bulgaria made the use of bears for entertainment illegal, bear cubs were routinely captured from the wild and torn away from their mothers to be made into “dancing bears.” All for the sake […]

Belitsa’s Sanctuary for Ex Dancing Bears near to Bansko.

Spotlight on: Bansko Since the turn of the millennium, Bansko has been transformed, with millions invested in new infrastructure both in the town and on the hill.   Bansko is perhaps the best known of all the Eastern European resorts, attracting a huge number of British skiers. The resort regularly comes […]

Spotlight on: Bansko