Bamro Services OOD is responsible for the servicing of the apartments in Bansko and area.  Please note Bamro Services OOD and any associated company are not responsible for the rental of the apartments.  The rental is provided directly by the owners and the owners are fully responsible for managing the rental of their property. The owners of the property are also fully responsible for the payment of all taxes and other obligations / declarations to the Bulgarian authorities.

Our published price list is not a list of contracted services, but a list of services that will be provided up on request and at the prices displayed.  It is the apartment owner’s responsibility to request these services in writing to Bamro Services OOD.   Bamro Services OOD takes no responsibility for non-payment of apartment owner’s financial obligations in Bulgaria where we have not received a request to provide the service

Bamro or the representatives of Bamro will not be held responsible for any damaged to or by any guests during their stay in your property, however caused. Bamro or the representatives of Bamro will not take responsibility for any damage to your apartment caused by any method including flooding and fire. Please always ensure that you have adequate insurance to cover your property and your guests for all circumstances. Please note that we act under your instructions and are happy to provide services  as requested to do so by the property owners. Although we will endeavour to assure all workmanship is done to a professional standard we cannot be held responsible for any works, electrical or otherwise as we do not have the qualifications to inspect works completed and must rely on the contractor or maintenance person for assurance that the work has been completed to a safe and secure standard. Bamro are not responsible for any payment to any Bulgarian authority including to National and municipal tax authorities. This includes but is not confined to tourists tax, income tax and corporation tax.