Due to inflationary pressures we will be reviewing our prices by approx. 10% to 15% as of 1st January 2024. Prices below have been adjusted to reflect this change. Thank you for your understanding.

Property Management ServicesPicture2

We operate 2 levels of service.

You can opt for a “Full Management Service” including regular checks (approx every 30 days) on your apartment to ensure security and maintenance issues are spotted, Bill payments are made including water, electricity and local community taxes (The cost of this and other services are clear on this site) and you will know that you apartment / investment is being looked after. This is about £0.80 per day
£368 +VAT per annum


Key Holding“. This is a rate for Bamro clients who own an apartment which they do not intend to use during the year. Bamro will be happy to visit the apartment as and when requested to do so by you the owner. however the apartment will not be included in the regular inspection checks we make for our “Full Management Service”  clients. Bill payments are made including water, electricity and local community taxes.  The cost of this and other services are clear on this site.
£280 +VAT per annum.

Please note that if you wish to book your service level as  “Key Holding” and then later use your apartment we will be happy to adjust your rate back to the “Full Service”  level at that time and your renewal date will become the same date the change was implemented.

The Management fee is an annual fee and is non refundable under any circumstances.

All prices are quoted without VAT the rate of 20% on all services and maintenance items will be applied.

For chalets and apartments outside of Bansko Town we will add an additional £15 +VAT to all services that mean travelling to the site but not to the annual management fee which will be as above.

Disclaimer: This price list is not a list of contracted services, but a list of services that will be provided upon request and at the prices displayed.  It is the apartment owner’s responsibility to request these services in writing to Bamro Services OOD.   Bamro Services OOD takes no responsibility for non-payment of apartment owner’s financial obligations in Bulgaria where we have not received a request to provide the service. Please note that Bamro Services OOD do not offer accommodation for rent.